Sunday, December 05, 2004

Three hours before the start of the party my mother clogged the toilet in the cat bathroom. An hour and a half later I had pulled the toilet up and attempted to snake the line, to no avail. A truly stressful and appallingly disgusting way to start the day. She thought I had a low flow toilet (it isn't) which was why it wasn't working well. She gets to sit at home tomorrow when the plumber comes.

A few minutes after two o'clock the first guests trickle in- Mike and Alyssa. He was a little hesitant about decorating cookies, but caught on quick. Soon Dottie and Alandra, her cute granddaughter, show up, and suddenly the house is full. About an hour into the party I thought, "Maybe I should take some pictures!" I made a list and at least 59 people came to the party.

David Mc. and John R., the latter making a guest star appearance from Phoenix

Zane, before the orange fight.

A photo for Jimbo- Patrick and Jeffrey.

Jim and Chris sitting on my $800 scratching post.

Abe, Zoe, and David G. make pipe cleaners ornaments

Jeffrey T. and Jeffrey S., with crafters in the background.

Oslynn works on a cookie.

Michael concentrating on his polar bear.

Brian (trying on my glasses) and me.

Doug, Mark, and Adam discussing an upcoming game party.

Clean up was quick, set the computer up, visited with a pair of stragglers who got to take some craft stuff home (what am I going to do with the extra snowflake ornament kits?).

One highlight of the day was hanging out with four fellow bloggers, two of whom (Donut Jelly and Cheap Blue Guitar), I was meeting for the first time, and another, Looking for Sam, who I had met only briefly once before. I guess the other highlight was the fact that my other toilet didn't get clogged...

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