Saturday, December 04, 2004

My friend Reuben says my blog is too revealing sometimes. Maybe not as revealing as today as I was giving a tour to 20 people at the old Mission site. I realized that it felt a little breezy down at my crotch and when I checked I discovered that not only was my zipper down, but my privates were busy being public. I don't know if anybody saw my genitalia, although there was a very cute redhead who could look as much as he wanted....

It has been a busy day running around getting ready for the party tomorrow. If you are in the neighborhood, why don't you stop by. I live in the white Spanish Territorial style house with the purple trim.

Tree is up, a batch of cookies make, cheesecake and another cake made, craft stuff sorted out, closets are jammed full (don't open that door!). Mummy bought me some stuff for my kitchen and a couple of rugs.

Holiday tree.

Cranberry cheesecake.

So after dinner more cookies, maybe some cleaning, etc. Should be fun tomorrow- see you there.

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