Sunday, December 19, 2004

Thinking and drinking. I'd make a terrible alcoholic because I'm not much of a drinker. Firstly, I am such a lightweight. Give me two beers or a glass of wine and I start to slur my words. Three or four beers, it is staggering time. Secondly, Tucson is a driving town and I'm responsible enough to not want a DUI. Hence, I hardly ever get tipsy.

The first time I got really drunk was from rum and coke. To this day that drink is revolting. I'm not that fond of dark bitter beer or high-alcohol drinks like martinis. My friend Mark in Boston likes his martinis and I've tried them, but it just tastes like I'm drinking lighter fluid. Back in college when I was young and we were cheap we used to make Everclear Punch for parties in my dorm. Now that stuff could be lighter fluid. I had me some hangovers back then, yessiree.

Okay so I do like gin and tonics, preferably with a big twist of lime. Bartenders ask me what brand of gin and I guess I'm pretty unsophisticated because they all taste the same to me. A glass or two of red wine is fine, but again, I couldn't tell the difference between an expensive bottle and a cheap one.

Reminds me of my Grandma [the nice one] who liked her glass of MD 20/20 before she went to bed. "But grandma, that is what winos drink!" I said. "I'm not a wino!" she replied, handing me the bottle to buy for her at the store. My uncles told her she couldn't have her wine anymore and I said fuck that and took her to the store. I think it was the last bottle she ever had and she was a pretty drunk 85-year-old lady when she was done.

As I type this I'm sipping a little Bailey's Irish Cream. Joey would like a sip too but she's underage and besides, being a cat while intoxicated is probably illegal in Arizona.

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