Thursday, January 27, 2005

"Anyone in need of any plumbing that you know of. That is, for the company. I need to schedule them to come out and if any other things that need attention here, please email me by 8 Friday a.m. Thanks." Yet another strangely worded email from the office manager.

Am I in need of some plumbing? Do I need attention? These are issues that I often reflect on.

On a totally unrelated subject. The weather. Okay, so it is raining here. It has rained several times in the last week. If you watch the news you would think the Flood was starting. With their StormTracker Radar and their Doppler-Dinger Cloud Penetrating Probes and hand gestures sweeping across the map, our local weather personalities are doing their darndest to keep me from driving into flooded washes and other desert disasters. I swear all it takes is a cloud spitting on Tucson and they start scrolling "STORM ALERT 2005!!!" across the bottom of the telly. I guess it is because mostly we have clear skies and warm-to-hellishly-hot weather here, that a tiny change makes them so excited. I just need to find that one tiny change that makes me excited too.

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