Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Driving to Sierra Vista I really had to pee. I passed one gas station, intending to go to the usual convenience store (you know, the one that sells those yummy ice cream sandwiches!). However as I drove along I was surprised to see that my usual convenience store had had an unfortunate accident and was all burned up. The front windows were gone, the roof all charred and half collapsed. The ice cream freezer was undoubtedly toasted, as was the bathroom.

Now this was a problem because I'd had my can of diet Coke and some of it really wanted to come out. I was reminded of another unfortunate accident. The time I was driving back from IBTs late at night and suddenly had to go but there was a cop behind me, all of the way home. I wasn't sure whether he was following me, so I just plodded along, squeezing appropriate muscles, avoiding thinking about waterfalls and fountains. Finally I turned onto my street and hurried home. Except I fumbled with the fly of my 501s and I suddenly lost control. Oh no, I peed my pants. I couldn't stop laughing afterwards.

Today I didn't want to have something similar happen since I was going to the base to do research. I stopped at another convenience store, only to learn that they didn't have a public bathroom. Golldangit! I decided to just get onto the base. I had to register at the front gate and that took forever. Luckily I saw the PX and made a quick stop. The bathroom was occupied. I stood there with the very hunky army man (nice hair, hot voice, I support our troops!) and waited and waited. You could hear whoever was inside moving about, washing their hands, more paper towels dispensed. But they never came out. Finally I had to leave.

I drove the speed limit all the way to the post museum. Ran inside and was so happy to discover the bathroom was unoccupied. It took forever, ohmigod, the pressure disappeared and I was human again.

Later in the day I used another bathroom on the base that ranks high on disgusting bathrooms I have known. Not only was the toilet "soiled" but someone had very obviously "relieved" themselves all over the stall with splashes of nastiness. Yuckkkkkkkk.

And Wayne, I waved at the llamas at the llama farm as I drove by. I wish you could see them, dozens of cute, furry llamas and alpacas, wandering around in their pens. So cute!

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