Monday, January 03, 2005

Body image issues seem to plague a lot of gay men. A quick read through the blogs I have links for reveal a case of liposuction, several men wanting to lose weight, a number of guys vowing to work out more to gain more muscle, someone fretting about a particularly bad haircut.

I'm guilty too, I wish I wasn't losing my hair- strange because I think balding men are hot. I wish I was more inclined to lift weights and get more fit, back in the mid-1990s I did and was impressed with the results. I stopped going when I had a boyfriend, and have made only a half-hearted effort since.

It's easier to do this in Tucson, where gay guys are more natural looking. There are only a handful of muscle guys here. When I am in places like New York City or DC or even Phoenix it is disconcerting to see the steroided-out guys, walking around in too-tight shirts and loose jeans (I think because they ignore their legs). I'm not sure having those extra muscles gives those guys the right to cop such an attitude. I find it amusing, but also wish gay men didn't worship such unobtainable men to such a degree. My next boyfriend better not mind that I have a couple of pounds I could lose around my stomach.

On that note, I stole this image from Jimbo.

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