Thursday, January 13, 2005

I'm back at work. Sigh. Please scroll down for the new and improved entries, now with added photos of my trip to jolly old England. Tally Ho, I say!

My last full day in London involved two visits to Safeway with Patrick. I am enamored with English supermarkets- the food quality is much better, the portions are better-sized (as can be seen by the lack of obesity in the general population), and the amount of prepared or deli food is much larger and tastes better.

We wandered over to the Tower and a hot-hot-hot Beefeater Daddy gave a boisterous tour. Eventually I entered Homer-runs-through-exhibit mode, dragging poor Patrick behind me as I ran through the Medieval Castle exhibit, which was actually quite good.

The Tower Bridge taken from the Tower.

Later Patrick, Iwan, and I went to the Golden Heart pub and had beers until Morris showed up. We wandered out and eventually Patrick and Morris went off for a romantic date and Iwan took me back to his house and spoiled me by making me dinner while I watched the telly. We sat and discussed our lives. Such a sweety.


Wednesday morning Patrick and I missed our stop on the tube and ended up way off course. I did enjoy seeing the Thames at low tide and some interesting architecture. Hopped on the train to the airport and when I arrived I realized I was very late for my flight (it was 11:30 and the plane left at 12:05). At first I was not going to be getting on the plane, but they changed their mind and I was allowed aboard the very uncrowded flight. Northwest Airlines serves really good food on its international flight. At the Minneapolis Airport the end-results of junk food, huge portions, and lack of exercise were readily apparent. I chatted with Archerr and Jimbo (who advised me to try the deep fried cheese curds next time) before boarding a very crowded and unpleasant flight. Roger and Richard picked me up and Roger spoiled me with a nice dinner (Roger is the best cook I've ever met). Why do cute English/Welsh men spoil me? I could get used to that.

Today at home the cats were so excited to see me and I had a nice pile of bills to sort through. I also managed to miss my hernia doctor's appointment. I managed to pull something yesterday and my abdomen is a tad achy as I type this. Wouldn't it be hilarious if I had to undergo surgery again. Ummm. No.

Apologies to Panchesco for copying an idea.

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