Thursday, January 06, 2005

Jet lag didn't last long- a short nap and then up and had a few beers with Julie and Stacy last night and we discussed off-color topics and disgusting sexual acts, you know how archaeologists are (or perhaps you don't, which might be just as well). Tally ho! I sent a woman from a British television network to meet Julie about an American version of Time Team. It will be interesting if she gets the job.

Margaret, the woman running the bed and breakfast must think I'm a problem. First as I was taking a shower (hateful non-working instant hot water heater) and a leak developed and water coursed into her apartment below. So I had to change rooms to one with two beds that had a working heater and a nicer bathroom. Then this morning I declined the offer of a disgusting traditional breakfast- I had toast and cereal. The other guests got beans, some sort of runny eggs, and a poached or boiled peach. No thank you.

I don't think I have an accent (well, maybe a slight upper Midwest one) but many people in York have a hard time understanding me, especially Margaret, who thinks my name is OOOMERRR. "Ooomerrr," she said, "You are sure you don't want a disgusting boiled peach lying on disgusting runny eggs?"

Visited the Minster Cathedral where our tour guide had more nose and ear hair than any living human should be allowed to have. I had to avoid looking at him, literally his nose hair was a half inch long. I don't know how he plugged his hearing aid into his ear, since the bushy hair would likely act like a spring and expel the device. Yuck. The Cathedral was very lovely and when I get back to the states I'll post some pictures.

There is apparently no gay bar in York. That is unfortunate because there are a lot of cute men here.

Questions briefly answered: surgery is completely healed, I won't be bringing 50 lbs of flint back with me, and if Ryan Reynolds offered to be my bf I would say YESSSSSS! Jimbo would be allowed to take pictures, or perhaps Archerr could take pictures of the three of us.

Julie and Stacey.

The St. Mary's Abbey ruins in the background.

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