Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Okay so I'm all cheery today. I actually wasn't all that grumpy yesterday, but sometimes I feel the need to ventilate a little.

You know, I think everyone who dislikes our duly elected Dicktator should do something tomorrow that he would hate. Some ideas:

1). Sodomize someone you like.
2). Have a big old drink. Or two. Or three. Cause believe me, you are going to need it.
3). Burn your Hillary Duff records.
4). Call your local Congressperson or Senator's office and chat with them. If they are Republican make sure you bring up WMDs and the deficit, they love to discuss those issues! Sometimes it is best to start out with a little lie like "Oh, I think Don Rumsfield is such a hottie" before switching to one of those unpopular topics.
5). Send a love letter to Condi Rice. She's really lonely and her boyfriend is inconveniently married to that bitch Laura.
6). Sodomize someone you like. Again.

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