Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A list of complaints.

1). I'm reviewing comments for a report I completed. 183 comments. Not a single positive one. The commenter is a flaming asshole. I have to go for a walk every so often because I get so pissed off. I disliked the reviewer before he wrote comments on my report. I hate him now. And I tend not to hate many people (but note complaint #4 below).
2). I'm sick of stupid blog awards that are juvenile popularity contests. Honestly, what do these awards mean? The people winning them are no better than their fellow bloggers or in some cases write boring weblogs on boring topics. The people who deserve to win because of their creativity aren't winning, perhaps because it isn't important to them.
3). My insides continue to ache from the surgery and I really wish they didn't. Especially because I've been feeling like I want to go back to the gym and doing crunches and Stairmaster at this moment probably isn't a good thing.
4). George Bush is an arrogant prick. He gave the smarmiest interview recently "Well, we had an accountability moment, and that's called the 2004 election." It isn't healthy to hate people, but Bushie makes it sooo easy. He has never been accountable for anything. I wonder if he'll think about those dead soldiers while dancing with Laura at one of those balls.

My friend Reggie is in town from Orange County and we are going to a really nice Japanese restaurant tonight, maybe that will cure me of the general malaise I'm feeling.

End of whine, it won't happen again for a while, I promise.

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