Monday, January 10, 2005

Patrick just told me a sordid story. I acted shocked, but I wasn't really.

We are at the Subway internet restaurant. Lots of internet stations. 100s, according to Patrick, who is good at counting. I needed to find Bob's phone number again, since when I ring him it doesn't ring.

Last night I met Iwan, Patrick's very cute Welsh friend. We ended up at a bear bar- GRRRRR. Lots of beefy shaved-headed men at the King's Arms. I only squeezed two butts on the way out, one was a red head with a very prominent bulge.

Have to do tourist things today in overcast, rainy London. He's says the Eye of London- a giant Ferris Wheel. I am all museumed out.

Big Ben and Little Homer.

I didn't smoke any of these dangerous cigarettes.

Patrick practices being a spokesmodel.

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