Saturday, January 08, 2005

Blustery day. The walk over to the convention center was so windy, at times I was pushed to a standstill. The Ouse River has risen three or feet so that the mossy spot I took a picture of yesterday is completely under water. I saw a huge part of a tree drift by. The BBC news is paralyzed with excitement because three houses in Wales got a couple of inches of water inside, breathless live reports as the owners waded by in rubber boots carrying their possessions upstairs. Reportedly the trains aren't running, which could be a problem because I really want to go to London tomorrow and being stuck in York another day would probably drive me crazy. All of these cute, red-cheeked guys with hot-hot-hot accents.

Paper apparently went well, although I thought it was one of the poorer presentations that I have done. Usually I put slides up and talk off of them, this time I had to actually read most of the paper. But afterwards people came up and told me how interesting it was. Had a nice shepherd's pie for lunch, but I'm still hungry. I think I will stop at the pastie shop for a bite.

Flooded York.

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