Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Art project. Sometimes I get in this artsy mood. I've made a couple of abstract paintings, I have pieces of 1920s-1930s linoleum hanging in several rooms.

This is my favorite, it is about a foot tall, very Pompeiian.

Last year I made a couple of found-item pieces, one turned out great, one just sucked majorly. I wander down to the 1950s landfill near my house and collect little plastic toys and bits of broken dishes. My next project is to make a mosaic from the ceramic pieces, once I've accumulated enough.

Mosaic raw material.

I also have a large canvas awaiting painting. I have wall space in both bathrooms and in my kitchen that need to be filled. I think the mosaic will be on a small table- just need to find something at a thrift store.

Some of the other bloggers I read are rather artistic- Mark does drawings, Jonny cooks, Robert designs, Panchesco and Archerr photograph, and Sean knits. All of us bloggers are story tellers, in one way or another, so I guess we all are artists in that respect.

So what are your artistic tendencies?

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