Thursday, February 17, 2005

Things I remember about the 1960s:

- going to the hospital overnight to have my tonsils taken out. On the ride back my mummy bought me those little wax soda bottles with disgusting syrup. Chewing the wax was always fun after you squirted the syrup into your mouth.
- kindergarten with Mrs. Harrison and first grade with Mrs. Gray. What a contrast, Mrs. Harrison was the sweetest person while Edna Gray personified evil.
- Grandpa Colonel's strawberry garden and the HUGE toad that lived under the board
- my nice grandparents living next door while crazy grandma and her syncofant husband lived nearby
- sucking my thumb
- my security blanket's mysterious disappearance. My father told me I must have lost it- turned out he had burned it, something I found out when I was a teenager.
- going to Ace Hardware and buying a toy house trailer when I was five (my father hated it, thought it was a sissy thing)
- getting a Smokey the Bear teddy when I was six for Christmas (I still have him)
- seeing part of a first run Star Trek episode at my father's friends' house. My father hated science fiction, so I knew it was naughty to be watching.
- when you turned off the television the screen "shrank" and there would be a little dot of light that would slowly fade away
-Petticoat Junction, Mission Impossible, Dark Shadows, Gilligan's Island
- playing with little plastic animals, tinker toys, and Lincoln logs
- my father being gone truck driving most of the time
- playing cards with my mother when I was five
- reading a book for the first time, some awful story about a junkyard mule
- wanting to be a scientist when I grew up

In other news... I'm still not as perky as normal. I get this way once in a while, I'll be better in a few days.

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