Saturday, February 19, 2005

It continues to rain, pouring rain, tonight. Thunder and lightning, flood warnings, etc. I'm safe at home with the cats. Sneezing because the pollen and mold are really elevated. Cats are shedding like crazy and one of them has taken and hidden their comb- I laughed when I realized this.

Made breakfast for Jeffrey S.- freshed squeezed OJ (picked the oranges off the tree in my front yard), scrambled eggs with rosemary and chives from my herb garden, French (Freedom!) toast, and a banana-walnut-brown sugar topping (that turned out really good). We sat around and chatted afterwards, it was a nice way to start the day. Too bad I managed to dirty every dish in the kitchen.

I went out last night to a couple of Tucson's hot nightspots which are not particularly hot. There was this big muscle guy at one of the bars- I felt sorry for him because he looked so lonely, since there were no other big musclebound guys for him to hang with. Now that the bars are open until 2 AM everybody has started going out at 11 PM. I'm too old to stay up that late since I always wake up at 6 AM. I spent the day feeling all droopy from last night, I think I'll just stay in and have a dull evening tonight.

Wasn't that exciting to read? I've got to do something interesting tomorrow.

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