Sunday, February 20, 2005

Let's go shopping with Homer. First, because it is a warm day, I put on my green plaid shorts and pose for a scruffy portrait. I make a funny face.

I haven't worn those glasses in a while, they make me dizzy.

I get in the Saturn and drive up Campbell Avenue. The scenery is very pretty.

Catalina Mountains.

At the new mall, where pristine desert was bladed to provide habitat for Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, and other non-native species, I pause to admire the "wild" flowers they have planted. My photos don't turn out as well as I would like so you'll just have to visualize them in your mind.

I wander through Crate & Barrel. They are going through an ugly phase. The only things I like are a melamine mixing bowl set and a upright cabinet with a glass door that might look nice in my bedroom, especially with a television sitting on top so I could lie in bed and watch things. I decide to come back and look at it again some other day.

At Pottery Barn Michael is very helpful in finding the vintage-looking phone that I will mount on my kitchen wall. He thoughtfully pretends to answer the model so readers can see what I will look like answering the phone, although I won't have red hair or be wearing a suit.

For a good time, call Michael!

At the Lowe's nursery I purchase lavender, an African daisy, oregano, thyme, and my favorite flower- pansies.

A poppy I did not purchase.

At Border's I purchase a book and a three CD set on sale. Later I discover why it was on sale because it basically sucks and although it is supposed to be dance music, I can't muster the urge to shake my booty at all.

At Mexican safeway (as opposed to Old People Safeway or College Hottie Safeway) I stop to peruse the Mexican candy section. The "Fruity Dulce" at the lower right come in cute plastic fruits and I buy a package more for the packaging than the fruit-flavored sugar inside them. I notice that they contain "Fumaric Acid" and wonder whether visions of fruits with suddenly float in front of my eyes.

Mexican candy selections.
On the way out of the grocery store the Lion's Club member raising money for eyesight conservation says hello to me, remembering me because I gave him a five dollar bill on the way in. It is important to help other people and I have been fortunate in this life, so I make a point of giving what I can.

At home the groceries are put away, the awful dance cd plays [it really sucks], the new phone is mounted on the wall although the wall jack turns out not to work so a cord snakes around the door frame to the study. I eat a cheese sandwich and four cookies and wonder who'll be the first to call on my new phone. Later- somehow it is appropriate the first call was a wrong number.

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