Sunday, February 13, 2005

Today I woke up with a mini-hangover, a rare occurence for me. Some aspirins and cranberry juice made it go away. I want to make a mosaic so walked down to the old landfill to collect pieces of 1950s fiesta ware that lie scattered on the ground. A hawk watched me and then took off to chase a pair of jackrabbits.

The hawk.

On the way back to my house I walked along the path next to the dried up river and found pretty blossoms, some sort of ragweed I think.


John R. called and I went and had lunch with him and then to his duplex, which he was busy painting before he puts it up for sale.

John R. in the latest in paint tarps.

Afterwards I stopped by Jeffrey S.'s house to give him my old ink cartridges. We gossiped and talked about our evil Dictator and I took a few pictures.

Jeffrey S.

On the way home Archerr and I chatted and he made me laugh. We discussed home cleanliness and I warned him that when he comes to visit not to be surprised at how amazingly filthy my house is. Well, it's not that filthy but you wouldn't want to eat off the floors! Luckily I have plenty of nice, clean plates.

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