Saturday, February 12, 2005

The rain has stopped, for now. Last night I lay in bed and listened as it drummed on my roof. Everything is green and damp outside. Spring is coming, the cats are shedding.

Talked to Richard last night and he advised me on digital cameras, recommending a Canon Powershot A95. I checked out the prices online and stopped by the BestBigBox store and they had it there for $40 more than their online shop. I discovered that if you mention the online price, down goes the store price. Something to keep in mind.

A self portrait with the new camera.

It is Saturday and the cats are of one mind. That human should pick us up and hold us. So as I type this Joey gets a few pets. Moments before Puff was the one getting attention.

Baby Puff.

What to do tonight? I've been feeling anti-man, could it be because Valenfuckingtine's Day is coming up and there is no one to buy me a box of chocolate?

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