Thursday, March 24, 2005

Tucson Homo Lifestyle. Jimbo noted that the guys in Tucson were friendly and I would have to agree, it is easier to meet people here than in other places I have lived. In part that is because it is a small town, everyone knows everyone it seems. If someone new shows up, all you have to do is ask a few people and someone will introduce you or you can just go up and say hello.

There is lots to do here. Of course if you are into fancy nightclubs- you are out of luck. We have a dance bar, a drunk bar, a "leather" bar, a couple lesbian joints, and a country western bar. There is the community center, a really nice book store, several other shops, a coffee place, and we have a scraggly little newspaper. A big transgender and drag scene. A film festival and a big outdoor festival in October. Softball, volleyball, bowling, and karoake. The desert is 10 minutes away in most places.

Of course Tucson ain't paradise. We could use a lot more guys in the 30 to 50 range. Getting a date can be real hard work, sometimes I would just rather sit at home and play computer games instead. I guess a lot of guys are into the online thang, but that really gets tedious fast. Of course, I've also lived in North Dakota and Wyoming, so I'm not complaining.

In fact, I'm in a good mood. I'm going on an actual date soon.

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