Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I'm a trouble maker. I sent Washington Post columnist Dan Froomkin a note alerting him to a news article in the Arizona Daily Wildcat about a student being banned from Bush's specialmerical in Tucson on Monday (the kid was wearing a Democratic t-shirt) and I got a mention in his column today.

Dropped Jimbo off at the airport. He is the best guest to have come visit, he's funny, he's cute, my friends adore him, my cats adore him. I think the government should clone Jimbo! Last night we watched Betty Butterfield videos and he can do a right-on impression, quite startling I think. He also gave me a hostess gift- a couple of DVDs so now I will have to buy once of those fancy players.

And ohmigod Patti, who sits across from me at work, gave me a Sudafed and Jesus S. Christ I am totally buzzed and energetic now and my nose is dry as the Sahara Desert. Makes it kinda hard to work though.

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