Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Tonight Jimbo got to watch Amazing Race with me. We stopped by College Hottie Safeway and saw several hotties. Jimbo's favorite, The Man with the Goatee and Small Beer Belly. He was hot, I agreed. A purchase of angel food cake and whipped cream, then on to David and Abe's. Dougie and Kevin came over, and then David's friend Missy.

Jimbo, tonight.

Now Kevin has to work until 9 PM normally, so it was specially nice to see him.


Now Missy is especially excited to watch the show because she was friends with Alex back in high school, before he moved to West Hollywood and became a reality television show personality.

Missy, excited about seeing Alex.

The gay guys are still my favorites. I felt bad for the Mom tonight, god her son was such a whiney, prissy boy.

Jimbo leaves in the morning, my house is going to be quiet. I'll be seeing him in six weeks in NYC at the bloggers gathering. Hi Joe!

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