Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Allergies suck. I had to leave work Friday because I couldn't stop sneezing. The stuff I took made me spacey and I ended up just lying in bed stoned. Unpleasant.

Blurry oleander.

Too much pollen. All the plants are fuckin. The wind is sure blowing too. I'll be glad when it settles down so my nose can clear up and my eyes unpuff.

Sunbeam scruffiness.

I generally keep people on my blog list, I only drop when they end their blogs. Recently I dumped someone off because they didn't have anything interesting to say. I checked up on his blog today and discovered that the guy's boyfriend has surely the nastiest blog of any gay guy I have come across. Not nasty, as in naughty. Nasty, as in "I'm letting everyone see that I am a racist, misogynist piece of crap who thinks hurting people (physically and emotionally) is funny." I called Archerr on the way home from work and had him take a look. He agreed with me. I can't quite figure out why some guy could get his jollies being so wicked to strangers, friends, teammates. Makes me wish I believed in karma.

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