Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bend over, he said a moment before he entered me. I complied as he lubed up. Yes, time for my annual physical. Doctor Fred declared my nether parts were healthy, announced that my privates were the most lovely he had ever seen, and I was on my way.

Looks like the job situation is improving, so I guess I'll put the "Will Do Anything, Anything, for Food" signs away (although maybe I should bring them to New York City next week just in case). I'm attending the annual Jello Wrestling event this Sunday and will not be accidently bidding on a hideous cottonwood tree like last year, no sirree, I'll be giving a few dollars to the wrestlers but that's it.

I hadn't shaved for a whole week and had turned into Super Scruffy Man. That was somewhat problematic because it just itched like crazy all over my neck. I was told I make good facial hair though.

Okay, enough stream-of-unconsiousness babbling.

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