Friday, April 29, 2005

So last night I watched the telly with Joey, not a clue that I would get an exciting phone call.

Joey multi-tasking: watching the telly and bathing.

Around 9:30 my cell phone rang and it was Patch. Turns out he was in Tucson. I was taking the day off anyway, so ran home and furiously cleaned my house. Patch and his adorable boyfriend Greg (who I kept calling Alex) showed up around 3:00, then ran off to the Sonoran Desert Museum. They got back at 5:45 and we went on a little driving tour of Tucson. Did you know Tucson has a military plane graveyard?

Airplane boneyard.

Afterwards to La Indita for dinner. We ate chips and chatted, it was a nice time.



I can't believe I ate so much. As I type this my stomach feels like it is going to explode. "It's just wafer thin!"


And in a week I'll be seeing Patch and Alex again in New York City. I am pretty thankful for the friends I've met through blogging.

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