Friday, April 08, 2005

I like chicks. Little fuzzy ones. Even though I hated being a farmboy I really liked chickens. They were cute, they laid eggs, they hatched out little chicks. They go "cluck-cluck-cluck" and cackle when an egg appears magically in their nest.

When I was on the farm we would order chicks by mail. I'd pour through the catalogue looking at the various breeds. My favorite were Araucanas- they lay colored egss- pink, light blue, and green. Also the tiny Bantams were cute. I had a pet chicken- Took-took- that liked to sit on my lap.

My mother had this big brown hen that would get outside the coop. One day my parents were driving to town and a cop pulled them over. The policeman had spotted the brown hen riding on the truck axle, apparently asleep. My father had to crawl under and grab it. Apparently the cop told his fellow officers and the following week another cop pulled my father over. "Sir, you have a chicken on your axle again." My father fixed the hole in the coop after that.

So anyways, some day I'm going to tear down the shed in my back yard and build a chicken coop with a well fenced run and order me some mail order chicks. I wonder if farmers are considered a good catch?

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