Saturday, April 09, 2005

Fashion dilemma. So I'm going to New York City in May and I have nothing to wear!!! I was discussing this with Dougie. I've posted pictures of myself wearing all of my fun clothes and I need to show up with something new. I checked out the stuff at Old Navy today and there was nothing that looked the least bit fun. So Dougie and I are going to go vintage clothes shopping for that perfect red carpet look. Of course I'm not sure why I'm bothering since Mark is going to be the best-dressed.

Okay, so it has been a whole month since I paid off my credit card bill. I haven't charged a penny since. Of course some consumer goods have been calling my name recently. You'll be amazed when I admit what I want the most- a sewing machine. I need new curtains and the already completed ones they sell are just not right. I've sewed curtains before, borrowing a machine, and now I wouldn't mind having my own. I've even thought about taking a class to learn how to sew clothes- I'd like to know how to make shirts and boxer shorts. What else would I like? A DVD player, an old table to cover with a mosaic I'm gonna make, new sheets for my king size bed, someone to share the bed with, and so on. I've got a lead on one of these...

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