Friday, April 15, 2005

Sometimes when I'm lying in bed weird things pop into my head. Okay, get your mind outta the gutter. Last night, in an attempt to make myself fall asleep, I tried to remember how many different mammals I have seen in the wild. After reviewing the National Wildlife Federation's list, here's the ones I have seen.

Virginia opossum

shrew (not sure which species)
Eastern mole

nine-banded armadillo

antelope jackrabbit
black-tailed jackrabbit
desert cottontail
Eastern cottontail

bat (unknown varieties)

red fox
kit fox
black bear
common raccoon
northern river otter
long-tailed weasel
American mink
American badger
striped skunk
mountain lion

squirrel (not sure which species)
ground squirrel
Harris’ antelope squirrel
thirteen-striped squirrel
eastern chipmunk
Botta’s pocket gopher
American beaver
Desert kangeroo rat
house mouse
deer mouse
Norway rat
Common porcupine

Harbor seal

whale (unknown variety)
dolphin (unknown variety)

wild horse

mountain goat
mountain sheep
pronghorn antelope
white-tailed deer
mule deer
American bison

My most recent sighting was the rare Arizona sinkcat (not to be confused with the stinkcat), seen below in it's native habitat engaged in typical behavior:

Cattus lickei.

Maybe it is time for me to go to Africa and see some wild animals.

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