Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Work is so slow that I might be laid off for a while. That sucks. So I'll focus on other things. When Jimbo was here in March it was wildflower season. Now the various sorts of cacti have started to bloom.


Prickly pear.

Ocotillo (not a cactus, actually).

I was out last weekend and collected more bits of broken dishes from the 1950s dump for the mosaic table I'm planning to make. I'm getting a nice pile on my back porch, a few more collecting excursions and then I need to start figuring out what sort of design to make.

Mosaic raw material.

Mama Cat demands attention, so I'd better end this right now before she gets snippy with me. I think I'll have her review the Sugar Daddy applications I am now accepting.

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