Sunday, May 15, 2005

Excitement abounds. Friday night I had dinner with Larry and Lauren at Feast. Potato tacos- so good.

David M., Larry, and Lauren.

Saturday morning I helped Avi and Kristin work on their new house- taping things for painting and stripping hooks and gadgets off the walls. Here's a useful fact- the inside of the toilet lid usually has the date of manufacture on it. In older houses you can generally date when it was built if the original toilets are there.

Kristin and Avi.

Saturday night Patrick and I attended a sedate party.

Patrick and Homer.

Afterward visited the lovely Denture Inn, where I spent some time chatting with Reuben. Earlier that night, and on the previous night, a number of revelations were revealed to me and I decided to just say no to bullshit and lies. As step one I had a discussion with someone that cleared the air a little. We both felt much better afterwards.

Some other stuff happened that I can't write about, not really involving me. Drunk, really drunk people suck.

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