Thursday, June 02, 2005

Dig, Day 10. I photographed the pithouse this afternoon. It is really ugly, over the last 1,000 years or so rodents have dug numerous holes into it.

Pithouse floor.

The L-shaped furrow around the edge is the floor groove, a shallow trough where the posts holding up the roof were set.

Among the artifacts lying on the floor is this two-handed mano.


Manos are grinding stones, used with large slabs of rocks called metates to grind corn and other seeds into floor. We find a lot of manos, they are pretty common. Metates were more valuable, since they took longer to make, and we find fewer of them.

I'm pretty bruised up from carrying heavy buckets of dirt. Couple days ago I managed to scrape my leg pretty bad on a screw sticking out of a piece of plywood. Ouch!

Mama Cat inspects the painful scratch.

I chatted with Brian tonight as he drove home from his exciting, thrilling career. He always makes me laugh. I was also interviewed by Archerr for his radioblog. I haven't listened to it, I hope I don't sound like a complete dork.

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