Friday, June 03, 2005

Dig, Day 11. We are busy in the north room, the one built in the 1860s. Scraping away layers of dirt.

Jenny A. and Lisa digging.

We are down to the Presidio era, with mostly animal bone, Native American pottery, and occasional pieces of Mexican majolica and Chinese export porcelain.

Mexican majolica.

The first level we stripped off today dated to the 1850s to 1860s and we found a prized toy, tossed away when someone broke it.

A Frozen Charlotte doll.

Frozen Charlotte dolls were popular- they were cheap, durable, and could be brought to Tucson on the wagon trains. The story behind the doll is that a girl named Charlotte was given a new dress to wear to a party in the middle of the winter. Her parents told her to wear her coat because of the extreme cold, but once in the sleigh she unbuttoned her coat to keep from wrinkling her dress. By the time she arrived at the party she had frozen solid. Which reminds me, why do Circuit Party guys spend so much money on fancy shirts only to take them off the moment the party starts?

Okay, okay, the scratch on my leg looks wicked but the discoloration is a bruise, not an infection. I'm really fine, thanks for all the concern and advice. Maybe I should injure my penis and see whether that gets the same amount of attention.

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