Saturday, June 04, 2005

A Saturday off and I spent the morning doing yardwork and started tearing down the old shed in my backyard. It finally collapsed, but the June heat drove me indoors where I caught up on some sleep and was generally lazy.

I'm working on my guesthouse and realizing that I'll probably have to paint the entire place. I don't mind painting, actually, I put on my paint splattered shorts and brush and roll away. The smell of fresh paint is nice and the colors look so vivid afterwards (no white walls, ever!). I'm even considering painting the exterior-perhaps a very pale yellow with goldenrod-colored trim. With the new corrugated iron fence and more spacious backyard, it will be a really nice space.

This afternoon I sat for a while on my front porch.

Lazy Saturday afternoon.

Some of the potted plants are still blooming and there is the faint smell of garlic from one of them lingering in the air.

Social garlic.

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