Sunday, July 31, 2005

Happy Blogday. Today commences year three. It is kinda amazing the nice things that have happened in the last two years. I've met some fabulous guys, become really close friends with a couple (hey Archerr!, hey Jimbo!), and expanded my boundaries beyond my little casa. I guess even more excitement is in store for me.

However, I spent the morning doing tedious yardwork. Raking the alley is fun! Shoveling the dirt and grass that accumulates along your curb is funner! Cleaning the roach infested water meter thingy is the best.

In the afternoon my life improved immensely. I climbed in the trusty Saturn and mosied over to IBTs for karoake. I arrived soon after Patrick and Brady.


A few cool beers under an overcast sky. Patrick lit a cigar and passed it to Brady and I. They made fun of my less-than-adequate-cigar-smoking skills. The last time I puffed on a cigar was probably 1984.


A few more beers, courage instilled. We sang a Scissor Sisters song. Badly. Later Brady and I sang Crazy and Bridge Over Troubled Water. Badly. The last time I sang in public was my 6th grade Christmas program, except that bitch Mrs. White didn't let us boys sing on stage cause we sang poorly. Somethings don't change.

Homer and Brady "sing."

A bit more beer, some spilled.

I wore my Boy Scouts shirt. I didn't get electrocuted.

Panchesco came, without camera. He told me of his latest photo shoot. The guy is hot, hot, hot.

David C. and Panchesco.

We wandered out of the bar at 8:30, parting ways at the corner. I've known Patrick for years. In the last year, he has become a really good friend. I value his opinion and his sense of humor. Brady I've known for only a month or so, but that is long enough to know. He's a great guy too.

At 8:30.

A few moments later I get into my car only to see that the Saturn is celebrating on my Blogday too.

75,000 and counting.

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