Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Survey says... Although there were the usual difficulties with tabulation and a completely unknown error rate, those readers of my blog who expressed an opinion on my facial hair preferred as follows:

Beard- 5
Goatee- 18
Chin goatee- 10
Fu manchu- 2
Clean shaven- 2

My personal preference is goatee in the summer, beard in the winter.

In other news, I start an archaeology project tomorrow. In a paved parking lot with probably a lot of very angry people mad that their parking spaces are going to go away for a few weeks. I hope I find something interesting. Before it was a parking lot it was the location of a house built in the 1890s. The first owner was also the very first guy to own an automobile in Tucson, back in 1899. I hope we find his garage.

I was chatting with Archerr and telling him I'm all anti-man again. I'm waiting for Mr. Nice Guy to show up. Or maybe I'll just clone Corky.

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