Monday, July 18, 2005

I pause in my housework. Robert sent me a lovely set of CDs and a cool t-shirt today, and the music is playing as I mop floors and consider changing the vacuum bag. I know, Homer's life is sensational. You wouldn't have said that this morning as I suffered from the first hangover I've had in three or four years. Sigh.

Patrick sent me the following picture of hisself, Brady, and I tubing from the previous weekend. You can also see what happens to one of those throwaway cameras after it gets dropped into a cooler filled with water (I wouldn't recommend trying that at home, especially with one of those whiz-bang digital camera thangs). My horrid bruise evoked many sordid comments at the pool party yesterday. I will not tell a lie, it was (I repeat) not a bite mark. I'm not into cannibals, thank you.

Patrick, Brady, and Homer.

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