Friday, July 22, 2005

I was thinking about 'outing' today while painting the guest house. A friend of Jimbo wrote that he was "offended at the idea." I'm much less offended.

Back around 1993 I sat downstairs while my roommate made out with my local closet case congressman. The same man who would vote yes on the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996, thereby ensuring that I (and the roommate) would not have the same basic rights as a pair of heterosexuals who get married in Las Vegas on a whim. As a result of his vote, the Advocate gave him a call and said "Guess what, we know you are a closet case homosexual and we are going to let everyone else know." Rep. Kolbe was then forced out. Since that time he has voted consistently for expanding gay rights, including a recent effort to toss "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

Another closet case queer here in town, a rich fellow who sells lots of cars, has a wife in one house and his boyfriend in another. He pretends to be straight and I guess the wifey goes along with the ruse because he is, after all, fucking rolling in money. He gives generously to the Republican party and can't say a nice thing about Democrats. I guess he doesn't have to worry about Social Security, hospital visitation, or other matters when he is sucking his boyfriend off, since he is, after all, fucking rolling in money.

Most gays that are outed are Republican politicians and their staff members. The head Repub, George Bush, has repeatedly called for an anti-gay marriage amendment to the United States Constitution. If you are gay and support this man, what's up with that?

Gay Republicans often say they are Republican for economic reasons or because they want less government regulations/intrusions or they are for better national security. Hmmmmm..... 1). The deficit is ENORMOUS, bigger than Ken Ryker's appendage. If it keeps growing we are going to feel like we got fucked by that thang 2). Republicans are hell bent on passing legislation to ensure homosexuals do not have many basic rights. Yes, that includes you Mr. Closet Case. Don't think that just because you have a few dollars in the bank that you are going to be off the hook. and 3). Does anyone seriously think we are safer from terrorists? Ask the people in London how safe they feel.

So out the fuckers. I don't care. It isn't very patriotic to support a group of people who would deprive your fellow Americans, your fellow taxpayers, of basic human rights. If you are a closet case politician, a staff member for a conservative Republican politican, or a closet case rich person who openly supports the far right, you deserved to be outed. Maybe then you can feel the fear that many of the rest of us feel.

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