Thursday, July 21, 2005

Behind my house is my guesthouse- 600 square feet, built from slump block (oversized bricks). A big mesquite tree shades one side. You walk in the front door into the living room, a large room with an area for a dining room at its far end.

Living room, the wall is actually lavender.

Turn left at the far end of the room and you have the kitchen, with tan and green tile counters and a cute little gas stove.

The kitchen.

On the other side of the living room is a hallway with the bedroom off on the south side.


And at the end of the hallway, past a pair of closets, is the bathroom, with its pink and blue tilework.

I need to have the tub re-finished.

My contractor Doug K. has patched the walls and ceilings and put a new back door on. He's fixing the trim next and painting the bedroom ceiling with a special textured paint. My former front door will be stuck on the guest house and new back steps made. Finally the exterior is going to be patched and curtain rods installed inside. I'll be painting every square inch, including the concrete floors and the exterior trim (not sure about the exterior walls, perhaps I'll rent one of those sprayers). I hope whoever lives there next have happy memories of the place.

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