Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What's happening? Oh yes, another 107 degree day. I think the monsoon has officially started, with the third day of humidity above a certain level. It is trying to rain right now.

Painted two rooms in the guest house. I'm a sloppy painter, I've got splotches all over me, stuck to my chest hair and goatee even.

I'm going to visit my Mother and siblings in Michigan in September. Flying into Chicago, grabbing my friend Mike R., driving north to Traverse City, spending four days there. Then back to Chicago for a couple of days.

I decided I needed to lose five fricken pounds. So I'm upping my physical activity and watching what I eat. One bowl of cereal for breakfast. Fruit for snack. Salad for lunch. A small supper. Ohfreakinhell I get soooo hungry. I guess I'm used to snacking on high calorie things like crackers and cookies. It about drives me crazy. I hope it works though, otherwise I'll grab the vacuum and do some home lipo.

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