Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I awoke as it started to rain and it poured for several hours. By the afternoon the Santa Cruz River, which is normally bone dry due to the lowered ground water table, was flooding.

The water was 12 ft deep, racing downstream to the north, debris floating on or below the water. Police were stationed on the bridge, there was some concern because the water at one point was so high.

Three scientists from the United States Geological Survey were measuring how much water was flowing past the bridge.

They had this little bomb-shaped dohickey with a rotating weather vane-like thingy that they would drop into the water and measure how quickly it was pulled.

They made repeated measurements as I stood there and watched the water. According to the newspaper, this was the fourth highest stream flow ever measured in the river.

In other news, a letter I wrote was published in the online letter section of that newspaper today:

I'd be curious to know how many Star readers have five weeks of vacation after less than five years on the job. I'm guessing few, if any, have benefits that generous.

George W. Bush, who has proclaimed like a broken record, "We are a nation at war," would rather spend five weeks in Texas riding his bike, grubbing out brush and raising money for his fellow Republicans than sitting in his office in Washington, D.C., attempting to figure out exactly how the United States is going to get out of the quagmire of Iraq.

While our soldiers are blown up in inadequately armored Hummers in the third year of this conflict, he sits in the back seat of his armored limo and drives by Cindy Sheehan, seemingly too busy to stop and listen to someone who happens to disagree with him.

I wonder if he can see through the tinted windows that gasoline has set yet another price record? Has there ever been a lame-duck president that was this lame so early?

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