Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I called the Christian Broadcasting Network's Prayer Line and talked with Jessie. I told him, " I'm a little confused. Should I be praying that the president of Venezuela gets killed? Are there other politicians that Pat Robertson wants us to pray to be assassinated?" Jessie replied, "Well, there are passages in the bible that support that kind of action."

That was interesting. I forgot to mention that commandment 'Thou shalt not kill' but did wonder aloud to Jessie, "I don't think Jesus would like us prayin' for people to be killed. Doesn't that president of Venezuela have a wife and young kids? I bet they wouldn't like it if he was murdered." Jessie told me that an explanation for what Pat Robertson said would appear on the website soon.

Now, Pat Robertson can get away with saying that a democratically elected leader of a sovereign country be murdered by the United States, in the hope that the price of oil would drop and people driving their SUVs with 'Support our Troops" stickers could get cheaper gas. If I, on the other hand, suggested that the United States assassinate the leader of a country for some similarly stupid reason, I would soon find myself sharing a jail cell with Bubba the serial killer with a propensity for ass-raping.

And isn't the whole point, now, of our invasion of Iraq to get a democratically elected government installed? It doesn't make sense then, for Pat Robertson, who the White House recently consulted with about the Supreme Court vacancy, to advocate the murder of Mr. Chavez, since the likelihood of the country dissolving into a dictatorship is quite high.

Okay, that's some lengthy, disjointed political thoughts. We now return to our regularly scheduled goofiness.

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