Monday, August 15, 2005

I don't mind paying taxes.

- I checked four books out of the library today. One of them is a recipe book about pies.
- The garbage gets picked up every Saturday.
- The roads are mostly free of potholes and once I get in my car I can go anywhere in Arizona without paying tolls.
- I don't have to breathe a lot of polluted air.
- I received financial aid from the US government to attend college. This allowed me to obtain an education, get a middle class job, and pay many thousands of dollars each year in taxes. That was a good investment.
- I can call 911 and summon help, if needed.
- My mother lives off of her Social Security check. Medicaid has allowed her to live in fairly good health.
- and so on.

A bunch of idiots yip and yap about cutting taxes. They are unpatriotic and greedy. A fundamental goal of patriotic Americans should be to help out their fellow citizens, some of whom work in low-paying, yet essential jobs. Tax cutting fuckups, including our unpleasident, are un-American.

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