Sunday, August 14, 2005

Before it started pouring, Doug K. and I finished laying bricks for the back patio. We started the little L-shaped path to the laundry room, but the rain came and we retreated inside. After Doug left it continued to pour for hours. When it stopped I went outside to do some chores and discovered that I have termite damage along the side of my French doors, something else for Doug to fix for me.

The new patio.

I had called Shane to invite him and Brian over for dinner, but it almost didn't happen as something I had for lunch was not agreeable. I made a decision, either lie in bed and feel like crap or clean house and cook dinner. I chose the latter, and by the times the guys showed up I was feeling better.

Shane, Brian, and Puff.

I just wished I had made real whipped cream instead of that canned crap. But I was in a hurry and now I've learned my lesson.

Speaking of lessons, why is Geo. Bush such a scaredy cat? And why does he get to spend five weeks on vacation in Texas? I don't see the soldiers in Iraq getting five fricken weeks of vacation? He should get his ass back to DC.

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