Thursday, September 08, 2005

Cripes, I'm in a bad mood. Post-vacation blahs. A head cold. Watching the news this morning. A stupid decision while I was at home. Not-so-hypothetical question- which is worse? A). Not going to see a close relative because of the expected/usual unpleasantness, or B). the guilt factor when you find out they were 'hurt' because you didn't go see them?

The hurricane is endlessly depressing. So much of the bullshit didn't have to happen. A mixture of imcompetence, racial injustice, and more incompetence. We had a group of people arrive by plane yesterday here in Tucson. Some were forced out of their never-flooded homes at gunpoint by the authorities. Most were forced to leave their pets behind to starve to death. This is America?

Concentrate on the pretty pink flower, everything will be better...

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