Wednesday, September 07, 2005

What I did on my summer vacation.
I flew to Chicago and drove my grandparent-sized rental car to Michael R. and David V.'s apartment. We ate out and walked on the beach.

Michael, Homer, and David.

The next morning Michael and I drove north to Traverse City, which took about six hours. Traffic was pretty light, I guess a lot of people were avoiding driving due to the horrible gas prices (highest I saw was $3.89 for regular unleaded).

On Saturday morning Mummy, Susan, Michael, and I drove south to visit my Amish brother.

I gathered Araucana eggs in the chicken coop.

I played with the baby bunnies.

Hello, blog readers!

I scratched the pig's head.

My brother took us on a wagon ride.

Everybody had a nice time.

My mother and sister both have gardens and I ate a lot of tomatoes fresh from the plant, as well as sweet corn and cucumbers. The flowers were very pretty too.

Purple sunflowers.

On Sunday we went to the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and had a picnic. The dunes are about 450 feet high and very steep. In the picture below hunky rangers are rescuing someone who became ill while attempting to climb back up the dunes.

The dunes.

On the way back we drove past Uncle Fred's house and there he was mowing the yard so we stopped and chatted. Michael got to hear the latest family gossip.

Uncle Fred and Mummy.

On Monday Mike and I went downtown Traverse City and wandered about.

The old State Bank building.

Homer and Michael R. at the Bay.

Yesterday we drove back to Chicago and last night I had dinner with Wade. He is very charming in person and we had interesting intellectual conversations.

Homer and Wade.

I managed to catch the cold Susan had so here I'm back in Tucson sniffling and sneezing. My vacation was way too short.

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