Monday, September 05, 2005

Mike and I are at Horizon Books in Traverse City. He's looking at books while I type this. The last time we took a trip together was in 1996, when we went to Greece and visited Yorgos. So far on this trip he has had a good time hanging out with my Amish brother, visiting the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, had a drink at SideTraxx (the local gay bar), and hearing way too much about my somewhat screwed up family. He claims he is having a good time, and I actually believe him. I know I am enjoying myself. I will be posting lots of pictures when I get back to Tucson on Wednesday.

Happy Labor Day! I'm glad the unions worked hard for the eight-hour day and luxuries like paid holidays, vacation days, and sick leave. Big Business fought those things every way they could. Thank goodness they failed and we can lead better lives because of that.

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