Saturday, October 22, 2005

Coming out of my closet. I went clothes shopping today- I had the urge to purchase a couple of shirts. I like shirts almost as much as I like chairs, don't ask me why. When I got home I decided to go through my closet and get rid of things I didn't like, were worn out, or didn't fit anymore (sadly, my waist size is now 33 instead of 32).

I decided to count pieces of clothing. Once in college Les and I counted our roommate Chris's clothes- he had 80 pairs of pants. Our friends all demanded to see Chris's over-stuffed closets when they came to visit.

Now I've turned into Chris! I was pretty horrified by how many clothes I had. Okay, a partial explanation is that I have two sets of clothes- my regular ones and the ones that I wear when I'm outside doing archaeology. The regular ones, as they wear out, mostly become dig clothes until they get too tattered.

In contrast, I remember as a teenager having four or five school shirts and three pairs of pants, we were that poor. I'm thankful that I can splurge on a new shirt (or four!) nowadays.

After winnowing out items, my closet and dresser now contain-

1 trenchcoat
1 coat
4 suit jackets
15 ties (all vintage)
1 bolo tie made by my step-grandfather
1 turtleneck
30 long-sleeved shirts
23 short-sleeved shirts
8 white t-shirts
15 colored t-shirts
7 store-bought sweaters
7 sweaters or vests made by Mummy
4 belts
1 pair slacks
4 pairs khaki pants
4 pairs jeans
3 pairs corduroys
10 pairs shorts
34 pairs of socks
3 pairs dress shoes
1 pair sneakers
1 pair army boots
3 pairs sandals
1 pair flip flops
17 boxers
1 gym shorts
1 swim trunks
1 pajama bottoms
1 pair gloves
4 pairs mittens
4 hand-knitted hats
2 straw hats
1 kafiya

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