Sunday, October 30, 2005

Eight hours in pictures.

Butterfly at Patrick G.'s house.

Sunlit flower.


Katrin and Thomas carve pumpkins for the first time.

Katrin's pumpkin.

Thomas' pumpkin.

Katrin as Roman goddess.

Hillbilly Thomas and the showgirls.

Michael and Zombie Homer.

Sexy vampire Alex.

Spaceship flight attendants.

Ug and Cossack (aka Brady and Patrick G.).

Hola! Mexican wrestlers Abe and David G.

Elder Gin Bottle comforts the recently deceased.

Busy as a butterfly- I had a lovely time hosting Thomas and Katrin. We had Mexican and Ethiopian food, visited museums and an archaeology dig, had mesquite flour pancakes, and entertained my cats. They are now off to Phoenix to catch an airplane to Florida. I'm thinking about a little nap.

Ray's Halloween party was, once again, the social event of the year. I behaved myself this time around, who wants to make out with a zombie? I'm taking applications.

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