Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Suddenly it is cool and fall has arrived. I feel like I should put a sweater on, although it is only in the 60s. My blood has thinned after living in Arizona for 17 years.

I've planted wildflower seeds in the front yard- in a few months they will be blooming. The orange tree is loaded with fat, green fruit. When Mama is here we'll make orange juice. If my oven was working I'd make brownies and stink up the house with the smell of baked goods.

It isn't quite the same as fall back in Michigan. Where I live the leaves don't turn bright yellow or red, we don't have to rake them into piles. For some reason the stores think it is going to snow here- Old Navy is selling thick coats that you could wear in Alaska.

Nothing happening on the romance front. I asked three guys out and the phone hasn't rung out. If I win the Powerball tonight I bet I wouldn't have quite the same problem.

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