Thursday, October 06, 2005

Varmints. I drove north a dozen miles to see the archaeological dig that Avi is running. On the way there I was behind a horse trailer with several cows in it. They kept looking at me and I felt sorry for them.


Cool site, about 2,800 years old- a pithouse, some cooking or storage pits, fire hearths and trash areas. Nearby was a historic site and I spotted something.

Avi and the skin.

It was the shed skin of a king snake or a bull snake. "How long is that snake?" I asked Avi and he pulled out his measuring tape- 48 inches. That's a monster snake. The skin led into a hole in the ground, I wouldn't want to have that snake surprise me.

Afterwards on the way to work I was behind another horse trailer. I wasn't really paying attention until something stuck its head out and stared at me.


There were seven emus riding in the trailer. They have huge, black eyes with the longest eyelashes possible. One in particular was interested in poking its head out. Again, I wondered what was going to happen to them. I certainly hope they weren't going to be eaten. I can't imagine someone killing them, knowing that they would be watching them with those pretty eyes.

At home Mama Cat is insisting on sitting right next to me, flopping her tail in the way. I bet she would like to eat beef, snake, and emus rather than the Purina catfood she gets.

Puff and Joey, late April 2000.

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