Saturday, November 26, 2005

A four day weekend- at home with Mummy and I'm getting a bit stir crazy. It didn't help that a-not-to-be-named blogger sent me some very interesting photographs...

Spent the morning doing your clean-up in my backyard and then shut down the evaporative coolers for the winter. As I moved around some piles of wood the little geckos would run around, a bit groggy from the cold. So cute, I'd pick them up but I really don't want their tails to fall off.

I've been observing my mother. She has some strange quirks- does little things that don't make much sense. She says she is a loner, I think she is just insecure. When my friends are around she certainly perks up and talks a lot. She has an annoying habit of looking over my shoulder to see what I'm doing on the computer. Not that she would ever want to use it herself (the mouse makes her nervous). I'm going to go to karoake with Patrick G. tomorrow to escape for a little while, otherwise I think I would develop some strange quirks myself.

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